June 30, 2009

The Chosen One

I finally got down to reading Dan Brown's Digital Fortress. It's a heavy read, nonetheless, but a refreshing change from Khaled Hosseini's Kite Runner. Not that the latter was bad. It simply was a different genre althogether and I cannot compare the two. I simply made a mention of it to show off what all I read. Ha!

I loved Kite Runner. I did crave for more of the emotional roller coaster ride that I was on as I read it. But, when it comes to Dan Brown, I can sit with his books for hours and rack my brains out trying to just get every intricate detail of his work into my head. I wish he writes more. I always wanted to read Digital Fortress. But, it chose me as its reader only now. And, when I say that I am reminded of a dialogue from the movie Transformers where an actor says, "The driver does not choose his car, the car chooses his driver".

But even before I saw that movie and heard and statement, I always believed in this philosophy. If something had to happen to you, no matter how much you wanted it, it will come to you only if it chooses you. Yeah, you can call it fate, destiny, luck. Call it by whatever name, but, with time its a matter of choice.

Of course, it is often believed a strong/wise makes his own destiny. But, come on... somethings are simply not in our hands. There is a power out there (who most of us like to call God) that decides what we get and what we dont. It's one thing to chase what you don't get and finally accomplish it and its totally another to get something you desired for ages when you least expected it. Perhaps its hard-work, perhaps it's luck. But whatever it is... it will come to you if you are the chosen one!

June 15, 2009

Fluctuating Interests

Oh, not another article about the financial meltdown. No, please! I know that's what you are thinking. No. Never. I don't have much contribution (as if there is less already) to make in that effect. But speaking of interest in terms of what the word means to a layman (yes, the one relating to being curious, the one that gets you concerened or something that seems to draw the attention of a person), I do have some thoughts to share.

Before we had our baby, there was one phase where all we thought about doing on weekends was hitting the pinball lanes. Bowling took over like nothing else. But with time the magic seemed to die down. Then all of a sudden there was a plethora of good movies releasing and we simply could not find ourselves away from theatres. Of course, things change after a baby. So, this pattern slowly faded away and if there was one thing we did every weekend, it was hopping around baby stores. Well, that's understandable.

But, in life we go through so many stages and phases, that I'd want to believe it's not only children who need to be kept occupied. Even with busy lives, there is a little part of us that devours pleasures in temporary infatuation with some activity. For me, that activity for a long time now, has been working out and exercising. Although that still continues... slowly blogging took over. And, now I can see myself craving some bollywood masala movies. Well, its unfair on our parts to expect our children to be "occupied" with that one set of toys all the time when we ourselves like variety. Sometimes to socialize, sometimes just to enjoy a little "me" time.

Hmm, God has made us this way. To want new things everytime. To hold on to the daily grind and yet subject ourselves to fluctuating interests. I'm thinking its those little things we do that keeps us sane, put-together. And, I also think it's these little things that keep our spirits soaring above the monotony of life. Don't you?

June 02, 2009

Trust with a Twist

Life and its monotonous ways. Weekdays - work, weekends - grocery shopping! Yup, we're all there. So, last weekend we went grocery shopping too. I had my list in my hand and my little sonny propped up on the shopping cart. My husband was fetching the things I told him to from around the store as I walked around looking at other stuff (Ah! That's SO woman-like!!hehe).

Well, so we were pretty much done with all our purchases and our gaze stopped on a huge stack of mangoes. Oh yes, 'tis the season to be drooly! We went right over and the placard on top of the stack said we could pick up nine mangoes for a certain price. I tried to fish around but there was way too much crowd had gathered there. So we swapped turns with baby and cart. My husband stepped in. I could see him smelling the fruit as he chose the ones he wanted to buy.

Funny part is we really have not ventured out to buy mangoes ever since we got to the US. But this time we thought we will give it a shot. So every now and then, before his count reached nine, he would raise one arm up with a fruit and show it to me for my approval/disapproval. Not like I know too much of it either, but sometimes I would like to think husbands make us feel important. But to make matters worse he was a good seven to eight feet away from me.

Anyway, as we finished picking up our share and began walking away, a gentleman walked up to him and asked him,"Are they sweet?" And with an air of confidence (and confusion) my husband shrugged his shoulders in an 'How-do-I-know?' manner AND said," Yes". I could not stop myself from turning away and laughing.

We came home and I was so impatient that I washed and cut up one to taste it. I gave my husband a piece and ate one too. What can I say? Haha! It was red outside but not ripe. It was a golden yellow inside but not (yet) sweet. I pity that man who trusted us on our word.

Isn't it amazing? When on one hand we say we cannot trust people, but on the other we take such chances? Well, this was a small thing.. but there are so many bigger things where we'd rather trust an unknown person than ourself or people we know. Life and its monotonous ways... or should I say weird ways?