November 10, 2009

The Scent of a Place

This happened not too long ago when we had been to New York to visit Tussauds. It was a lovely summer afternoon when we reached the busy downtown area after a quick lunch at a fast food joint. And as always, the city never failed to leave me stunned with all its charisma and charm, although crowded with people from all walks of live. But I guess that's why I love NYC!!

I'm digressing from the topic....NYC always does that to me!

Well, just as we walked out of the wax museum towards the train station to return home, we past by the umpteen number of shops and restaurants alike. And, suddenly there was a whiff of freshly baked bread that my nose captured and sent my head spinning around looking for the place from where it came. Obviously a bakery. But, what was more captivating was the aroma. I could relate to it so much and it took me back in time - to my college days in Bangalore.

It was then that my mind grew nostalgic and I remembered how I used to pass by this bakery everyday and never miss out on taking a deep whiff of the aroma of freshly baked bread every evening. Is it not funny how even the scent of a place can transport you to another place all together?? Umm.. whatever you say, now I'm hungry for some fresh baked bread :)