September 20, 2011


On one side you're asked to live every moment and the other to plan ahead for what the future holds.

So, just when you discovered and mastered the perfect way to brush you teeth every morning, someone mocked at you for being late to work and wasting time on petty things!

None to be blamed, for that's what we've come to. Where time itself has lost its worth, that's how far we've come.

For every reason or excuse, there follows an explanation, bathed in doubt and dipped in suspicion.

So, when you were told a certain product works well on dried ketchup stains, you'd not believe anyway!

None to be blamed, for that's what we've come to. Where you can trust none, that's how far we've come.

They ask you to see the little things and tell you in the end of the day, it's the big picture that matters.

So, when you forget to wish your Grandmother on her birthday, it was alright because you knew it was, and you assumed she did too.

There's really none to be blamed, we're all in this game. Fending for ourselves, that's how far we've come.

Such is the day we live in. Filled with perceptions, assumptions and contradictions - All hushed away into the dark and yet wide awake, looking into our eyes. This where we've come.

Where time, trust and your whole being are not to be blamed, that's how far we've come.