September 04, 2009

Bigger Than Time?

Pages have been written by plenty of authors about time and time management. I do salute all their thoughts. But is there something bigger than time that rules us? "Time is Money"... "Do not waste time" etc. are common phrases we hear as we grow up. But is there something that governs how we use (or do not use) time? A little something happened that gave me the answer to this question.

It was just another day - hectic mornings, busy noons and lazy evenings. Somehow, I had finished my chores early and put my baby to bed for his noon nap. I sat around thinking what to do. I had no mood to browse nor to read nor do anything I'd normally do around that time everyday. Then I had this sudden urge to do something creative since I have been on a home revamp mission. And bang on time I remembered the long lost stitching project I had left half done over 2 years ago. Well, I started it off with great enthusiasm but I stopped since I had better things to do. More important things took the place of my needlework project. More responsibilities let to different priorities. And this little stitch kit (which is completed now and looks lovely!) descended gradually down the priority list and settled back in its cover in the farthest end of my closet.

That's when it struck me. It's not just time. Its' not like I did not have any time to do this. But it was about priority. Had I not been revamping and redoing things in the interiors of my home (to whatever best I can with a toddler around)..I'd NEVER have thought about this needlework kit.

On similar lines, when someone asks you why you did not do something. We so easily say, "Oh I did not have the time". Think again. Its not the time.. its the priority of the task at hand. Of course its a simple thing ..and we all know it....yet, we blame time. So the next time you say this, think priority, not time!