December 19, 2009

A Reason To Celebrate

We're heading into another winter from tomorrow. As I sit writing this post, I see snow slowly falling down in a steady yet random fashion as if the Gods wanted to remind us humans of the uncertainty of nature. Still, we try to conquer it by predicting the weather to as much accuracy as we can...and we do well, no doubt - Thanks to God's humongous investment in human intelligence!

Well, far from what I'm saying right now (all the weather talk, that is) I'm here again writing on my blog because another little thought occured to me. So, as I sit and write this blog watching the snow accumulate over my beach chairs that sit on the woodden patio all year long, I crave hot chocolate, cookies and pie even...Ummm....warm fudge over ice cream perhaps....And the best part is, 'tis the season - for all of this and more!

Christmas is just a week away (and we sure have a white one this time, thanks to the current snow storm!)and I can almost smell all the goodies in the air. Diwali just passed by and I added a couple inches with all the sweets and savory items I made and received from friends and family alike. Oh and there was Eid too... I saw a lot of my friends talk about the best biryani's and roast meats they ate.

But, above all this festivity and food..and beyond the fact that what we all are doing around this time of the year, is it so that mankind just needs a reason to celebrate? What reason, you ask? Well, think about it, most festivals come around the time the weather starts getting cold. And scientifically speaking, it only makes sense if you add on a couple layers of flab to keep you warm. Especially, back in the days of early mankind when warm clothing might (yes, I say might because I'm ignorant about it) have been a thing not many knew about. Was that why mankind started inventing reasons to celebrate?? I'm not saying religion is wrong or invalid, because I'm not an atheist myself, but its just a thought that came to my mind. Why do all the festivals just coincide around fall/winter?? Diwali, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, X'mas, Eid - All these biggies come in the fag end of the year... Now, that's something to think about, eh?!