May 21, 2009

Ugh, the grapes are sour!

Yeah. Its summer. Well, almost! And I know you would disagree with me because the grapes ARE turning sweet. Ah, what a wake up from the cold, bitter winter indeed. Hmph! But what I want to tell you is a whole different story... and, its nothing to do with grapes. Yes, you can whack me for talking all about it till now. Hehe.

Its three years since Ive been wanting to go to Central Park. And I wanted to go there only in Spring. Oh yeah, I know they don't have grapes growing there, they just have Strawberry Fields. Haha!

Okay, sorry.. Ill get back to my topic. Yes so its been three years since I have wanted to visit this lovely, serene patch (patch? Wake up lady, its HUGE!) of green land not too far away from where we live. Well, the first year we just got to the US and by the time I learnt about it it was winter. And in winter, I would dare not step onto the walkway out of my house, let alone Central Park. Then the following year we decided we would go there, but on the way we met friends who were going to The Bronx Zoo and we just joined them. Blah. And by the third year I was heavily pregnant and due in mid winter. And considering how house-bound you get with a new baby the whole idea of going in Spring to NY had to be thrown out of the window.

But here I am, in my fourth year of hope... and this weekend we plan to go. Then again, I dont want to raise my anxiety until the event happens and is over! For all you know we will end up shopping in some mall down the road instead...

Funny, how there are some things in life that dont happen and we just settle with what is? We console ourselves that its never going to happen. Lets see if my grapes turn sweet this weekend!


Rajani said...

Hey, Deepthi, u know, even I have this BIIIIG wish of going to Central Park in Spring/Summer, but have given up hope now..becoz my worser part(:-)) works in NY and hate to go there on weekdays itself, so weekend is out of question!! He find the strangest of excuses to not go there!
So Like you said, I have given up hope..not even trying now..:-)
When I read this post, it seemed to be reflecting my thoughts!!:-)

Deepti Pawar said...

Haha! So Im not alone.. there are lots of people waiting for grapes to turn sweet!

Preeti Nayyar said...

Hey Deepti...I'm sure you will make it to Central Park if not this weekend then some other day:)Don't give up hope:)
We all have so many places yet to be discovered on our lists..