August 17, 2009

Distant Connections

This summer saw me taking more walks every now and then than any past summer that I have spent here in the US. It has been a long journey from where we started - with absolutely no knowledge of how things 'work' here to being one with the everyday life of this country. Well, that being said, let me get straight to the point.

I grab a chance to go out for a walk almost every time the weather is pleasant and I am in the mood for some it with my lil sonny or without (If hubby's home that is, obviously!). And, I'm considering it normal to take a peek or two around and see things going on rather than concentrate on how you put one foot in front of the other on the road ahead. There were so many things I noticed this way. Regular walkers - some of them who chose to acknowledge my presence others who dint bother, kids playing, flowers, cars, bikes, sidewalk art by children, trees with their leaves slowly changing hues, pets - running outside, inside homes... and those peering outside windows!

With so much going on it was hard to miss things that lingered on every time I went out...and one such thing was a little white fluffy puppy that happened to perennially prop itself against the patio door of its home as if waiting to come out. I remember showing it to my son many times and he would be so excited and the lil pup would wag his tail or just move a bit as if he knew we were watching him. I never missed seeing him on all of my walks.

One day - I missed him. I missed the curtains that fell over him making him seem angelic. I missed the furniture that lay beyond my eyesight inside that house. I missed the lamps that glowed endlessly lighting up the indoors. I missed it all. They perhaps had moved. I did not even know them. I had NEVER seen that family either. Just that little puppy that sat near that patio door. And, one day it was all over. Gone.

Funny, how we make connections with people and things we do not really know and yet bond with them at some weird distant level. And when they're gone, we actually miss them!! Life and its funny ways, I tell ya....


Preeti Nayyar said...

This post touched my the saying goes ( in some commercial!)'connections make life meaningful'

Deepti Pawar said...

You bet!!