September 10, 2010

Smile? Oh, please!

If Paramahamsa Yogananda was alive he would probably finally believe that we have entered Kaliyug. For I find all around me people have such a hard time to exchange nothing more than a smile? Well, I am no one to comment on the Guru's thoughts because I know nothing much about him or this preachings. But what I do know is that the world is facing a crisis - Smile Crisis!

I meet a woman almost everyday. I would not want to mention where, but we do cross paths daily. And, it has been about four months now since I do so - sans smiles. I wonder how some people have the ability to look through, almost as if I were some sort of a trasparent wall. Or worse, air!

Seriously, we could all do better than that. I know in the Indian society, we are used to smiling only at people known to us. Our mothers and teachers have warned us about 'strangers' who we should stay away from. Agreed. But, we adults know better, right? That said, here in the United States, it is pretty obvious by the umpteen number of teeth I've seen till date that you need not know a person to simply exhange a smile. What does it cost anyway? It is sad, indeed, how the world has become such an evil place where even if one were to give you a genuine smile, you would doubt it! What if he has a secret plan to steal your wallet and is trying to divert your attention?!!

And there is another aspect of this whole thing. Ever heard the saying "A smile is contagious"? Once you get into the habit, you find that this quote is so true. And no matter how lousy a day you are having, just try smiling at a passer-by and you will find the air lighten around you - and, you would probably be passing on the good vibes to the other person, too! Take time to smile. It takes less than a second! Or have we become so fat-headed that we want a social networking site to provide us with a 'Smile at' button?


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Satya said...

chanced upon ur blog ... how true it is so difficult for people to smile ... However you are absolutely right smiling and is a healthy practise ...

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