May 25, 2011

Les Materialists

All the world, and all it offers,
Fueling every heart with desire,
For everytime they catch my eye,
Every desire is set on fire.

From things that last forever,
Or a year, or two, or three.
From things that you probably hate,
Or things that will die with me.

To a child, a toy; To a man, a wheel,
To a woman, a diamond ring.
No matter who we are,
Each of us have a material song to sing.

Like a candy dipped in poison or poison in a candy,
It can come into your head like a worm.
You know you don't need it, yet you want it and you don't,
With desire in our minds, we squirm.

All the world, and all it offers,
To each his own, it will be,
For everytime it catches your eye,
It's a material world you'll see!


Anitha P B said...

Hey Depts your back in action, was missing reading your words across...

Nice one!!!

Preeti Nayyar said...

beautifully written, Deepti.

Deepti Pawar said...

Thank you so much Anitha and Preeti. Was itching to get back to writing. I hope this will be a real bounce back.

Radhika @ foodfor7stages said...

It is a materialistic world and I can correlate to those lines. Well written Deepti

San said...

Wonderful and a sensible write up deepti. Hope to see you write more often. Good day!

Vijaya said...

Very nice one Deepti! Loved it!