July 23, 2008

Open Up!!

Last week I bought myself a new watch. All metal and all worth its price. I placed it in my wardrobe thinking I will open the box the next day and wear it.

Day two of new watch at home and I end up being late for my doctors appointment! But, I so so so HAD to wear my new watch. Just as if my doctor would notice and say "Woah..! Nice watch" instead of giving me my routine check up! I got ready and decided I will wear it come what may and then it began. Ironic as it may seem, on one hand time was running away and on the other, it was in my hands.

The darn packaging had to be so good, I thought to myself. I plunged into my kitchen drawer and fished out my scissors. Before I knew it I chopped into the thick plastic wires that fastened the watch to its casing. Oops my kitchen scissors... but who cares, I needed this... and I needed it NOW! Finally, finally the casing gave way. Thick, black and villainous - I thought.. At least that is how I felt back then since it kept me away from my watch!

And just when I thought I was a few seconds away from wearing my new accessory, did I notice that it seemed to be reluctant to come out of its box. Ok! Now what? I tugged harder as the clock ticked away. Oh my doc can wait a few minutes, she makes me wait anyway! Argh. It dint seem to get any better. I dashed for the knife, the next best thing I could find from the place I stood. I began working my way through the hind of the box to allow the watch to fall through. I cut and cut and cut.. almost using the knife as a saw.. and then, there it was - My WATCH!

But before I knew it, I heard metal clunk against the flooring and saw a little piece glass roll toward my kitchen trash. Symbolic? It was gone. Oh! it was....actually gone! After all the struggle it was gone! And time was too.. I was so consumed in breaking open the box that I was too late to go to the doctor.

Then I saw it... a little sign embossed on the box that said "Press here to open". I did so and it did too. Open up! Could I hate myself or the box or the manufacturers or what?

Ive been here so many times... trying to do one thing fast, before another more important one. And end up not gaining anything worthy at all. We all have been here I'm sure... Messing up priorities. But in the end there is one thing I have come to hate. Packages!!!! See how much one can lose? Why in the world do they not print the 'Open Here' part in a more visible way. I guess they just like to have fun with us, poor consumers. My blog has become a crib-forum, I know..last time it was toll free numbers and now packages. But, ain't I right? Its happens with cookie boxes, baby's toys, medicine bottles, frozen foods, electronics, canned foods... you name it!

And what did I do with my watch? I managed to get the glass fixed back in place AND decided to return it... Yes. Don't ask me why! I don't really know. Some things in life go unexplained. This is one such thing for me. Getting the watch back into its box was a story all on its own. We'll get there some other day....

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