July 22, 2008

The Secret Life of a Foodie

Hmm... Snack. Munch. Swallow. Binge. Gulp. Hog. Devour. Dine... Call it by whatever name, its just one thing - EATING! An act of bringing food to the mouth. Simple, sweet and probably the most fussed over thing in the world - after money, maybe!

We're all chasing ourselves from pillar to post, here and there, to make a quick buck, but,
right from the day we are born - its all about food. But have you ever given it a thought as to how much eating can affect everything - Health, Moods, Parties, Weddings (yes), Relationships (now you're thinking), Business Opportunities (now we're talking!).

If that's going too far... How about that day when you ate that pack of cookies but ended up loathing it because it just did not have enough chocolate chips? Or complained that the vegetable gravy your aunt made just for you with all her love was far too "not-your-type"? And, never went to a restaurant just because you dint like one item that you tried on their menu a decade ago?

I'm not sure when it happened to me. When eating transcended from just, well, eating.. to being a mood setter. Sometimes a hearty meal even makes my day. I'm sure it does for a lot of you reading this. After all, imagine going back to work on a boring afternoon after eating a meal that did not satiate and satisfy you.

Its easy to call someone a foodie. Besides its very debatable as to whether or not being a foodie is good or bad. No, we are not talking about people who devour food just for the sake of eating. But under the superficial layer of a person who is a food lover, lies a genuine interest to relish every bite. To savour, to indulge, to absorb every ion of taste.

Among everything else, just the way there is a child in everyone, I believe that there is a little foodie in everybody. Even if you belong to the category of people who simply eat to live, there would have been most certainly one day in your life when you craved for something. Even if its just something different from the routine makes a difference. And that day you feel good!

Then again, its a very hard task to be a foodie in this generation. Whether you are a compulsive eater or an intuitive one, finally what matters is relishing every morsel. Also, with globalization bringing cuisines from across the world together right at your next door restaurant, picking an item to eat is just as hard as trying to look up the web for the right information. Seen yourself in this situation? Caught you, dint I? And you thought you dint belong to the "Foodie" category. Think again....its a little secret hidden in all of us...the secret life of a foodie!

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