November 21, 2008

The color of the mind

The color of the mind

……B L A C K

Black… The absence of light. Black… The dawn of the night.
Black… The beginning of life. Black… The shade of magnificence.
Black… The color of fear. Black… The language of the blind.
It’s amazing, how this one color has so many faces to it. On one hand if we say that death is the end of light and the beginning of black, on the other we have black, the darkness from which we are all born.
If the eyes see hues of colors, then what is the color of the mind??
Most ideas are born out of a shut mind. A mind that is left to itself no matter what the eyes see. You may be present in a situation of highest level of vigor and color, say a party… but your mind, your true self has its own thoughts.
The mind, so vulnerable can very easily detach itself from everything around and get into its own shell of thought… black???
Take a simple example of a little child in a classroom. The child can listen to the teacher and can also listen to his/her own self. While originally he/she is instructed to listen to the teacher, the child can easily get carried away by the smallest sound outside the classroom. A bird chirps, and off goes the mind of the child.
What the world may call distraction is the actual soul that lies in all of us. A soul and a mind that responds to nature’s smallest interaction with us. Thought triggers distraction and the mind triggers thought. Ah! What do we have here now? Is the mind an entity, a soul in itself? Is it true then, that who we are is what the world has made us by capturing our mind?

At this point you can give yourself two parallel lines of thought.
1. What will a mind, allowed to think freely grow into? A free soul or just a plain human being with raw qualities and emotions.
2. It is out of ideas from the mind that we have so many inventions all around us today. Most of which were outcomes of tamed and most of the times educated minds that thought freely.
In either case the pivotal role is that of the mind. A mind - in a state of thought. Can anyone for just a moment stay without thinking?
Ok. Jus for a moment shut your eyes… It’s easy… Black.
Now with you eyes shut, shut your mind. Easy? Try harder, don’t think. No, not yet. You are still thinking about trying not to think. Black, again… But is it fully black? No?
The color of your mind engulfs the most vivid thoughts, ideas and colors... So what’s the color of your mind now??

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