November 19, 2008

Say a little prayer

My son seemed to have a running nose when I picked him up yesterday afternoon while he was crawling all over the place, as usual. I wiped him clean and realised that I myself had a stuffy nose. That very moment I thought to myself, "Oh God, I hope he has not caught a cold!". Much later did I figure out that it was just nothing but a whiff of allergy that swept by since both of us are fine today. As any mother would do, my mind was brooding over the fact that I must be more careful since the temperature was dropping with every passing day. And then it struck me that it was after all a little prayer that I had said when I saw my baby's little runny nose. I began thinking even more deeply on the aspect, and for that moment atleast, felt God had answered my prayers.

Its a weird thing to say, but sometimes its such small prayers that are really answered. Probably because they come from deep within the heart. No matter how many times I pull myself to a religious place sometimes the real prayers come out only when they need to, and what more to be said, are answered!

No, im not trying to condemn those of you who go all the way to temples, mosques, churches etc. to pray. Its more about the faith than the act here. Im sure you agree to what I have here. Im sure you have been in a situation yourself where you buckle your fingers tight with complete hope and say that little prayer, not neccessarily addressing God, and want it to be answered from deep down in your heart and soul. At that instant, what you are praying for is what you want more badly that you can think. And then, we have people who claim themselves to be aethists... ahem ahem!!

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